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Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents


Preparation for the Year 6 production is well under way! Any help from home to make this a fantastic experience for all the Year 6 children would be greatly appreciated.

You could get involved by:

  • Helping your child to learn his/her role and lines.
  • Help your child to practise the songs in the play.
  • Help to provide costumes (for any role, if you think you have something that would fit the bill). We do need a good number of black hairbands- so please send in any spares that you may have.
  • Help with any props/scene backdrops (especially if you have some of the more unusual items, such as barrels/hay bales).

If you have any difficulty finding suitable costumes and props, let me know. Many of the props and costumes (such as rat ears) will be made or organised by school, but please help to provide your child with the basic tops, bottoms and footwear for costumes.

Below are the lyrics to the songs, a YouTube link to another performance of the production (with songs and music) and a list of parts, costumes, props and key dates.


Lyrics for the songs:


List of parts, costumes, props and key dates:

The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

Link to a performance of Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents on YouTube:

Amazing Maurice Production- YouTube


Many thanks for all your help and support.


Testing Our Motorised Vehicles!


We designed and constructed motorised vehicles for The Stig as part of our design and technology topic, Top Gear!

Spectators beware -they go quite fast!!!!


Junior engineers at work!





At Math’s Club this week, we went on an Easter Egg Hunt, however, although the club were initially disappointed that the inside of the eggs were full of mathematical problems! Although they were rewarded when the y returned with all of the problems solved!

Sophia finished the hunt first and answered all of the questions correctly and won an Easter egg and then we all chomped on creme eggs!

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Year6 and Year 2 Reading Partners!


Year 6 and Year 2 really enjoyed sharing some of their favourite books!image

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World Book Day 2015!


The children in Year 6 looked amazing dressed as characters from their favourite books! The children in Year 2 thought they were brilliant reading partners!image

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A Teenage Tommy’s Diary


Sydney Dobson’s Diary

February 1915

Dear Diary,

It’s horrible here with all the rain and death, I just want to go home. I’ve even considered shooting my arm to go home but that’s the coward’s way out and I’m not going to do that! I’m just going to be tough, through all the rats, lice, cold and the wet cause I’m coming home with god’s help or not!

It’s like we’re going to hell and back but to be fair I think hell would be better than this. I’m sick of everything,especially the noise. It’s just the constant sound of gun fire along with the screams of people in pain it haunts me. It’s so horrifying to think that a human could do that to another human – it just makes me sick.

Three of the lads have already had a taste of what the Boshe can do. Two of them dead. I’d say how but it pains me too much. The last one got his leg blown off  below the knee. He’ll never walk again lucky sod, wish it was me.

It’s 12 o’clock at night or zero hundred hours as they say here. Anyway, I’m scared out of my mind. Tomorrow we’re going over the top. I just hope that if there is a God, he’ll make me go as I wouldn’t want to let the lads down. Anyway,I’ve got to sleep now. I hope it’s over soon. I’ll write again tomorrow-hopefully!

Written By Corben (Year 6)


Find out more about the real Sydney Dobson at:















10th February 2015 – Internet Safety Day!


Today we discussed the wonders of the internet but also considered how we should keep ourselves safe when using the World Wide Web!

We invented a character and designed posters to “Beat an internet troll!”

Follow our advice to stay safe whist surfing the internet…

*Don’t give away any personal information eg:

– Your name    -Your location    -Your School     -Photographs     -Contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses.

* Never arrange to meet up with any anonymous people online.

* Remember over Skype or face time never say anything you’ll regret because the receiver can record everything you say or do and never talk to people you have never met.

* Never  a picture of yourself as your profile.Stay safe online!

* Make sure that you never open an email from anyone you do not know because it could have been sent from a hacker or lead you to an unknown website. Also make sure you show a trusted adult before you delete it because it could be useful evidence.

* In chat rooms anyone can join so some people may post some upsetting comments about you and your family- this is called cyber bullying- If it happens to you, make sure to tell a trusted adult because they can do something about it.

* Always use a nickname instead of your real name.

Why not look at theses websites to find out more about keeping safe online?







History Investigation



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Investigating Historical Evidence!


We investigated a selection of primary sources of evidence and made inferences and deductions about who the kitbag belonged to!


Why not ask for more information?


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